Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering

General Questions

SEEK feels that it is the responsibility of anyone who can contribute, to contribute. We want to help the communities where we work in a meaningful way.

So we discussed at length how we could best support important causes. Instead of selecting one or two organisations to sponsor, we decided to donate what we do best — our expertise in connecting people to opportunities!

SEEK’s experience in matching jobseekers to employment opportunities uniquely positions it to provide this first-class experience to people seeking volunteer opportunities.

There is no cost to volunteers or qualified not-for-profit organisation to use this service. SEEK earns no revenue from this project, apart from us at SEEK gaining a sense of pride and contribution.

To create the most effective meeting place in Australia for connecting volunteers to opportunities to increase the impact of volunteering through:

  • Improving efficiencyfor not-for-profits to recruit volunteers and facilitate as many matches as possible,
  • Creating quality matchesbetween the skills and interests of volunteers and the requirements of the organisations seeking them.

Working (and getting paid) is an important part of life. But sometimes, you need to think beyond financial reward. We get the satisfaction of knowing that we will help take volunteerism forward in New Zealand and ultimately help out people who really need it.

No. There are no charges to use SEEK Volunteer and search for volunteer opportunities.

No. There is no registration or sign-up process for SEEK Volunteer. It's easy to use and available to anyone who is interested in volunteering.

Searching & Applying for Volunteer Opportunities

We are thrilled to have as many people as possible involved in the volunteering process, so we have made doing so as easy as we can. Just use the Quick Search on the SEEK Volunteer home page, or select Advance Search to use more detailed search criteria. Enter your postcode and how far you are willing to travel. You can select specific types of not-for-profit organisations and the type of volunteering work that interests you or matches your skills. You can also choose one-off opportunities (such as an event) or ones which involve a regular time commitment.

To make your search criteria more specific or to locate a specific organisation, you can use one or more keywords. To make your search criteria broader, you can select multiple options within a category. Just hold down the "Ctrl" key (PC) or "Apple" key (Mac) while you select with your mouse.

Opportunities which match your search are listed in date order, with the most recently listed ones first. If you’d like more information about an opportunity, clicking on the title will take you to a detailed description.

How long have the opportunities been listed?

New opportunities are listed for one month, unless they are extended by the volunteer organisation. The detailed view of each ad includes the date the ad was first posted.

At the time that you searched, there may have been no opportunities that matched your search criteria. The results depend on what volunteer needs exist in your area. Maybe try repeating your search with broader search criteria? If you searched using a keyword, try your search again without the keyword/s. Also try selecting multiple options within a category to search related activities. Just hold down the "Ctrl" key (PC) or "Apple" key (Mac) while you select with your mouse.

Yes. Hold down the "Ctrl" key (PC) or "Apple" key (Mac) while you select with your mouse.

There are so many great volunteer organisations out there that sometimes the hardest part is deciding which one you want to help out. But luckily, once you have decided on the volunteer opportunity you are interested in, it's easy to get directly in touch with the organisation.

Just select "Express Interest"from below the full description of the volunteer opportunity. On the next screen, you'll be asked for a few contact details. You can also choose to provide additional information or attach a resume or another document. This is immediately sent to the volunteer organisation.

Applying online delivers your expression of interest to the volunteer organisation right away. By using the Internet, SEEK Volunteer makes matching volunteers with non-profit organisations much faster and more efficient. This makes it easier for more Australians to make a difference in their local community.

Your expression of interest goes directly to the volunteering organisation. The response to your application depends on them. If you have any questions, follow up with the organisation you applied to.

Getting Help

If we have not been able to answer your questions here then please feel free to contact us .

We'll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.