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IHC Volunteering - Invercargill


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We match you with someone who enjoys doing the same stuff as you and let your friendship grow with the appropriate support. Just go out and do what you usually do and include someone with similar interests.

Flexibility and choice are key to this role, fitting your friendship into your busy life and deciding together the things that you will do. The relationship is one to one. This means that you spend time with only one person, so you both get to know each other in order to develop a genuine friendship.

You and your friend will spend as much time together as you can, we recommend two hours per fortnight.

Do you have special skills that you want to share? You can help people with intellectual disabilities work towards their goals on shorter term assignments. Volunteers have a variety of skills to support a person with intellectual disability to increase increasing their social network.

By taking a moment to connect with someone with an intellectual disability you can make a massive difference in their life. Not only will you have a great time with your friend but you will help to improve their quality of life and help them to achieve goals and become more involved in their own community. We provide training and ongoing support.

Once you are matched with a person who has an intellectual disability you will: �Support and encourage discussion on what you will do together. �Assist to arrange outings and confirm details: be reliable. �Determine any costs involved and if unsure check with volunteer coordinator before incurring the expense. �Where there is a specific skill or goal to be achieved for the person with intellectual disability the volunteer coordinator will meet those involved to develop a work plan.

Leon Hartnett - [email protected] or 021308549