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Key Duties The key duties will vary depending on the type of disaster and help needed. You could be going door-to-door to check on people's wellbeing, shovelling silt after a flood or driving care packs to disaster-affected communities. You choose which jobs you opt into.

Skills and experience needed Your main attribute will be your readiness to pitch in and help. We will let you know what tasks need to be done as they arise and your required skills. We'll supply short training videos so that you're prepared for the task. You can choose which roles you want to volunteer for.

Benefits of emergency volunteering You'll be the first to know how you can help in an emergency and you'll be helping your community where it's most needed.

Your impact You'll be making a difference to disaster-affected families and communities, helping them to recover from catastrophic events.

How it works When you sign up to the emergency volunteer team your name will be added to the emergency volunteer database. In the event of a disaster the team will be activated in coordination with BOP Emergency Management and/or the local Council. Volunteer roles will be added to the system as they are created and you'll view these from your profile. You can complete online training materials and sign up for opportunities on-the-fly using the mobile app provided by Better Impact (our Volunteer Management System)