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Disability Support Volunteer

Recreate NZ
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Recreate NZ is a not-for-profit which provides life changing opportunities for youth with intellectual disabilities. Our core objective as an organisation is to provide quality youth development and outdoor adventure opportunities for young people with disabilities.

Most volunteers offer their time as a support buddy/leader on our programmes, which involves working with our youth in anything from a 4hour-4day programme. We provide programmes for three different age groups, our Junior, Youth & Young Adults, so depending on what age group you are more passionate in working with, it may determine the kind of programme you help out on.

One of our core values is young people supporting young people, so ideally our volunteers are aged between 15 and 35. The majority of our volunteers are late high school and university students who are looking for a way to have fun and contribute to their community. Our outdoor getaways and camps take us all over New Zealand, so committed volunteers have the chance to travel with us and get to know our incredible young people in a bunch of different ways.

If you're an adventurous, outgoing individual looking to add value to the lives of our young people then get in touch! Our range of weekday, evening and weekend programmes means that there are often volunteer opportunities available for your preferred schedule.

Recreate NZ operates in Auckland, Christchurch, Waikato and BoP regions - we're always after volunteers so get in touch!

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see what we've been up to lately: Recreate NZ