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Love flowers? Come and be our General Secretary

Hutt Valley Horticultural Society Inc managed by Volunteer Wellington

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HVHS General Secretary Job Description The General Secretary is responsible for:

- Dealing with the day-to-day administration of the Society as directed by Committee Members, and the society President in particular. - Recording the minutes of committee meetings, special meetings and annual general meetings. - Maintaining up-to-date contact information regarding society members and affiliated horticultural groups. - Acting as a key point of contact for members of the society, affiliated groups and other persons interested in the society.

HVHS General Secretary Task Guidelines.
Correspondence Assist the Society President and Treasurer in responding to correspondence, as instructed. Notify Society President and Treasurer of correspondence received in the post and electronically.
Ensure that correspondence is noted in the monthly minutes. Minutes Take minutes at all official meetings such as the AGM, committee meetings, special and general meetings. Write up the minutes as soon as possible and send draft to President for initial check. Adjust minutes if required and then send draft to rest of the Committee by email.
Attach a further copy of the draft minutes to the agenda for the next committee meeting.
Place a paper copy of all the minutes into the minute folder. Bring a paper copy of the minutes to the next committee meeting.
Bring the minute folder to the AGM. Check that a paper copy of the annual treasurers report, Presidents Annual Report and Agenda for the AGM is available for members present. Agendas Prepare an agenda for committee meetings several days in advance, when requested to do so by President. Prepare agenda for AGM meeting 14 days in advance.
Bring a paper copy of the agenda to the committee meeting.
Send out the Presidents Report and financial statement with the Agenda, where applicable for AGM and Special meetings. Notification of Committee and special meetings Send a reminder to committee members of upcoming committee meeting approximately a week before meeting. Notify all HVHS members of the AGM at least fourteen days before the AGM in writing. This is typically done through the quarterly newsletter.
Send a reminder email to general membership of AGM and special meetings. The society has an email address for the majority, but not all members.