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StarJam’s purpose is to create empowering (performance) opportunities for young people with disabilities (known as ‘Jammers’) to learn and develop skill sets, gain confidence, experience respect and build friendships; things that, because of their disability, they may not have had the opportunity to do before. StarJam’s main activity is to provide weekly workshops in drumming, guitar, dancing and singing in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. Within these safe and nurturing workshop environments amongst peers, where our Jammers are no longer the minority, Jammers are free to explore and develop their potential, practice the social, emotional and physical skills they are learning and then utilise these within the wider community. We provide opportunities for Jammers to perform gigs at public and private events where Jammers play their instruments, sing and dance (building confidence and supporting self-belief). Each month StarJam encourages participation of and interaction with the wider community by providing Monthly Get-Togethers. These are open for anyone to attend and give Jammers the forum to share their talents with others and give back to the community. The empowerment the Jammers experience through being involved in StarJam helps create the foundation needed to assist Jammers in becoming contributing and productive members of society.

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