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Bay of Islands Animal Rescue

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'Never Ending Story ' has been an animal rescue movement for over 1 2 years. When its founded Summer Johnson, moved to the Bay of Islands she saw the need to make a difference. Summer started to rescue, de-sex and rehome animals at first funded entirely out of her own pocket. The movement grew along with a team of fosters and in early 201 7, the Bay of Islands Animal Re£ was formed. Our motto is "Never Ending Story ' as it sums up exactly what we give to these animals. The story never ends. There are new stories and often sad stories with happy endings. We have a no kill policy unless it is an extreme case where the kin- thing to do, is send their beautiful soul over the rainbow bridge. This is always the hardest decision to make. Summer has rehabilitated and re-homed hundreds of animals over the years and only a handful have been sent over the rainbow bridge. Some of our animals are being cared for until they are ready for their new forever homes. Some are being cared for temporarily while their owner is in hospital or rehabilitation. Some will stay in our care as part of our family for the remainder of their life as they are not fit to be rehomed due to various reasons. We also take on animals who have issues at their current home such as dogs chasing stock etc, rehabilitate them and give them back to their owner once the issue is resolved. Our mission behind this, is to save perfectly good animals from unnecessary outcomes and being euthanised. To date, the charity has rehomed over 3000 dogs as well as hundreds of cats, horses, sheep, pigs, cows, ducks, chickens and even rabbits and alpaca. We run a continuous de-sexing programme and in the 1 8 months since April 201 9 we have de-sexed 252 dogs from the wider community of the Bay of Islands. This work is crucial to breaking the never-ending cycle of unwanted puppies and roaming dogs. Another extremely important part of our work involves educating people on how animals should be cared for including their housing, flea and worm treatment, vaccinations and the approp diet. We feed animals in the community during times of crisis for owners and sometimes ongoing. We provide dry warm shelters and blankets for outside dogs and aim to get dogs off life chains by working with the owners to provide containment solutions while educating on the need for exercise and mental stimulation. BOIAR rescues animals on a 1 00% not-for profit basis. Our time, love and determination are pric to these animals and we are making an enormous difference in so many lives which is our reward. It sure makes us go to bed at night on a high note! We are surrounded by a huge amount of incredible people from our supporters to our fosterers, to local businesses and suppliers; it is truly overwhelming, and we are so gra for the support we receive for our rescue animals. Even an old blanket destined to be thrown away, is greatly appreciated. The little things add up and makes what we do even more achievable. We can't stress our thanks enough.

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