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Kiwi Community Assistance

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9 years ago we were inspired by the Bryan Bruce documentary Inside Child Poverty NZ which was partly filmed in Cannons Creek in Porirua. We decided to do something about assisting families living in the Wellington region struggling to survive in inequality. This is how Kiwi Community Assistance Charitable Trust (KCA) started. Our volunteers rescue surplus food, collect our donors recycled clothing, kids books, toys, nappies, dvds, etc from our various drop off points in the Wellington community. Larger ticket items such as furniture and whiteware our volunteers can collect if they are in the Northern suburbs to Porirua region. The stock is taken back to our headquarters, sorted and boxed ready to be distributed to budgeting clients, local schools, foodbanks, the night shelter for the homeless, the soup kitchens, Women's Refuge to name a few agencies. We do not sell anything that you donate to us but pass it on for free to clients of our charity partners. Please Note: We do not select the families to be assisted; this is done by our charity partners who distribute the produce and goods we supply to them.

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