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SEEK Profile shareable link

The link will be included in the application email and also in your dashboard in your SEEK Volunteer administration portal dashboard. Keep in mind, not all applications will have this link.

A SEEK Profile is an individual's professional summary, housed on SEEK. It lets candidates present a personal summary, career history, education and their skills to organisations.

A summary version of a individuals SEEK Profile that is shareable with organisations outside of SEEK via a unique link.

Sharing their SEEK Profile enables the volunteer to show you the skills, experience and credentials you want to see in the recruitment process.

We hope that for some roles this will help you determine the suitability of the volunteer to the opportunity faster. This allows you to communicate sooner to the volunteer and place them in the role.

No, the SEEK Profile shareable link is optional for volunteers to include and not all volunteers will have one.

  • Name
  • Personal Summary
  • Career History
  • Education
  • Licenses and Certifications (including COVID-19 vaccination status and any Certsy verified credentials such a Police Check, WWCC, Drivers Licence)
  • Skills and languages

If changes are made to a persons SEEK Profile, it will be updated via the shareable link in real time. This is why a link is provided and not an attached document.

Here is an example of a SEEK Profile as viewed through a shareable link:


No, the shareable link will not automatically expire.