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Ways you can volunteer with your family and friends this summer

With end of year holidays and summer fast approaching, it’s time to get planning. You may have some time to yourself that you’re looking to fill in an enriching and productive way or perhaps you are racking your brain for new and interesting activities to do with friends and family.

Ways you can volunteer with your family and friends this summer

Volunteering can be a great activity to enjoy over the holiday season, and there are plenty of opportunities suitable for large groups and families. Volunteering with others amplifies the many benefits of volunteering, including strengthening your relationships through a shared experience or introducing kids to the importance of contributing to their community and supporting others.

There are also some causes that need volunteers more than ever during the summer months. Here are some great ideas to consider, whether you're volunteering alone or with your friends and family.

Outdoor activities

Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors, whether that's to help clean up litter or hand out water to fun runners. Or why not get right amongst the summer vibes and volunteer at one of the festivals taking place? You could also consider driver roles that help others get outside or some companion volunteering whilst having a walk in the park together. Some great activities that kids can get involved with include dog-walking and animal welfare, or gardening together in a local reserve.

Christmas relief

Unfortunately, Christmas can be a difficult time for some. From financial hardship to loneliness, there are several struggles that people may face over Christmas.

Some ways to help include volunteering at a kitchen, wrapping presents or helping out at the many Christmas events. Getting kids involved helps them gain some perspective. You could tap into their creative side through cooking, writing cards for children in vulnerable circumstances or if they happen to play an instrument, playing music to those spending the Christmas period in an aged care facility.

Emergency response

The New Zealand summer can be harsh, from increased bushfire risk to flood events. Having the right skills and experience to help in an emergency often requires advanced training. We recommend you contact your local emergency service providers directly to find out what's involved. Alternatively, you can look for fundraising or awareness-raising events to get involved in. Locally, you could help a neighbour clear leaves from their gutter to reduce the risk of a fire spreading? Or if you have a neighbour or family member who works for the emergency services, you could cook meals for them when an event occurs. Every little bit can make a difference!

To get involved in your community search more volunteer opportunities here.