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Volunteering from the comfort of your home

Volunteering from the comfort of your home

This year, many of us have been spending a lot more time at home than we’re used to. We’ve been inspired to find new ways to fill our time and be helpful to our communities, and many of us have experienced working entirely from home. If this sounds like you and you’ve discovered just how much you can do from the comfort of your home, you’re well-placed to consider volunteering remotely.

A quick look on SEEK Volunteer reveals a number of remote or online opportunities. Some of these include:

Getting Creative

Have you recently had the chance of revisiting old hobbies such as music or dance? If so, check out Creatives on Call who are looking for volunteers like you. Are you great with words? You could use your words to inspire, empower and help prevent bullying through teaching youth with your clever phrasing. Check out this opportunity with Be The Change.

Supporting Families

Are you family orientated? Volunteer with Migrant Action Trust to help parents support their children’s schooling by teaching them how to check homework and respond to teachers’ messages.

Using your skills

From becoming a board member or developing a website, there are plenty of organisations with volunteer projects where your skills could be used to help them run their business and services more effectively.

So, if you are maxed out on jigsaw puzzles and cryptic crosswords and are looking for ways in which you could help others, why not consider remote and online volunteering?