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How to help our planet through volunteering

Images of whales being found with 40kg of plastic in their stomach, emaciated polar bears, rainforest destruction, drought ravaged farms and fish kills can leave us all feeling overwhelmed and despair at the state of planet Earth. Many are further frustrated by the apparent collective failure of governments around the world to respond to the warning signs that we just might be on the precipice of catastrophic global warming.

How to help our planet through volunteering

However, the biggest danger to the environment is thinking that other people will fix it.

Rather than waiting for others to ‘fix it’, why not roll up your sleeves and get to work doing your bit to make a difference to our environment?

SEEK Volunteer lists many opportunities which help our environment. Animal conservation important to you? Why not work as a Wildlife Rescuer, helping to rescue or relocate native animals and deliver them into care or an appropriate habitat. Or join a project specifically aimed at the conservation of a particular species, such as a k?k?p?, where you might work on habitat restoration or gathering data on breeding patterns.

Another popular way to do your bit to green the planet is with an organisations such as Conservation Volunteers. This sort of work could take you to coastal areas to prevent sand dune degradation, or perhaps focus on urban projects planting native trees to attract birds and bees back to these areas.

If you find it hard to get away from your desk and out into the environment, don’t despair – there are plenty of ways in which you can use your professional skills to help fight the good fight. Opportunities could include volunteering as a submissions/grants writer for your favourite environmental group or perhaps even in administration, graphic design, IT, accounting, fundraising, human resources or event management. Every little bit helps these organisations to work towards their goal of helping our environment.