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Our youth need you in 2024!

Project K is a 8- month mentoring programme designed for Year 10 students. It involves three parts; wilderness adventure, community challenge and an individual mentoring partnership with a trained mentor.

Project K focuses on building confidence, developing life skills, promoting good health and encouraging a positive attitude. Project K arms these young people with a belief in their own ability to complete tasks, achieve goals, and help them find purpose and direction to overcome life’s obstacles.

The mentor phase of Project K is perhaps the most important part of the programme. Carefully screened and trained mentors are paired with students for 8 months to support and encourage them in achieving their goals. This stage provides a young person with a friendly shoulder to lean on. Mentors need to build trusting, authentic partnerships with their students to help them set and reach their goals.

So, if you are interested in developing young people within the West Auckland area please feel free to reach out to us.