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Track mower

Manawa Karioi Society Inc. managed by Volunteer Wellington

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The objective of the Manawa Karioi Ecological Restoration project is to re-establish a thriving native forest on hills in Island Bay that are part of the Tapu-te-Ranga marae. Manawa Karioi has a good network of tracks and is a place that members of the public are encouraged to visit, engage with nature, and enjoy. Your work keeping the tracks clear will ensure that Manawa Karioi continues to be a desirable place to visit and that those who do come will be better able to appreciate the beauty of the place, develop their relationship with nature and enhance their own wellbeing. The volunteer will use a scrub bar and work under the guidance of Committee member Ross Gardiner who will show the volunteer the specific sections of track that they will be responsible for mowing. The volunteer will be responsible for checking when their sections of track need mowing.