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Youth Group Leader and Facilitator Lived Experience

Kites Trust

As a group leader at the Peer Tree, you will be facilitating our social groups either in person or online as part of our community of peers. This requires you to be able to: Moderate discussion Listen actively and empathetically.
Effectively reassure and support someone in active distress should they become distressed during the group session.
Be able to point someone in the right direction should they need/want clinical help.

As Peer Support Leaders, our objective is to create and uphold safe and inclusive spaces for our youth community. The general responsibilities of Peer Support Leaders include: a commitment to attending one or more group, welcoming people and helping them to feel comfortable, holding the space, guiding conversation when needed and being mindful of ways to enhance the collective wellbeing of our community and maintain safety for all e.g. navigating sensitive topics, asking people to leave if they are disrespectful/discriminatory etc.

Another component of Peer Support Leadership is reporting back to the whole Peer Tree team – this includes being on the lookout for any issues which may arise and mentioning them when appropriate, reflecting on what seems to be working well, and what might need to change to better fit the needs of our community.

You are NOT expected to offer anything resembling clinical help and you are also not expected to have sessions with participants one on one.