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Logo for Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific New Zealand Chapter Inc.

You will: • support the company directors, provide support to the executive team as directed to ensure that company goals and objectives are accomplished, and operations run smoothly • Maintain and refine internal processes that support to the highest-ranking executives, company-wide, coordinating internal and external resources to accelerate workflow • Manage communication between upper management and employees, liaising with internal and external executives on various projects and tasks • Plan and orchestrate work to ensure the senior executives’ priorities are met, organizational goals are achieved, and best practices are upheld • Manage professional and personal scheduling for the company director, including agendas, mail, email, calls, travel arrangements, client management, and other company logistics • Coordinate complex scheduling and extensive calendar management, as well as management of content and flow of information to senior executives • Maintain professionalism and strict confidentiality with all materials, and demonstrate discretion when interacting with the business • Organise team communications and plan events, both internally and offsite