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Activities Assistant - Aged care home

Presbyterian Support Otago

Activities assistant volunteers work alongside staff engaging residents in conversation, encouraging and supporting residents to join in activities like dominos, bingo, art, music and helping staff to prepare and serve afternoon tea. Residents love chatting and having a laugh with volunteers who bring a little bit of the outside world in with them, making conversation about things happening in the community, places you have been things you have done or noticed. You could spend time reading the paper or books, going for walks in the garden, chatting and laughing with residents. You will receive a full orientation and training, you will always be working along side staff. No two days are the same, 2hours goes very fast and it's rewarding. In return you will get a ‘helpers high’. Volunteering can lead to a rush of euphoria and the release of endorphins? This effect is known as ‘helper’s high’! St Andrews is a hospital level aged care facility, consisting of 3 units each with 26 residents.