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Feeders wanted for stray (desexed) community cats in Wiri, Auckland

Community Cat Coalition Inc.

Key duties - feed, water, and provide a little friendly interaction with the cats. Skills and experience required? - nothing in particular! We need reliable locals (with reliable transport), who like cats and feel some empathy for 'homeless' ones! The Community Cat Coalition supports people caring for community cats across Auckland. Our 'big thing' is promoting de-sexing, humanely managing and reducing Auckland's stray cat population. Volunteers derive a lot of satisfaction from being very important to the well-being and happiness of some needy, innocent animals. They also have opportunities to connect with like-minded people through the Cat Coalition. Colony feeders are hugely important to the Cat Coalition. They are who allow others to concentrate on reducing the number of stray cats by de-sexing. And they are even more important to the cats - the food and care you give them is vital.