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Acquisition and Supply Manager

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Your Impact While much of the western world has greatly benefited from the vaccines, other parts of the world are still suffering from the virus. Thus time is of the essence in our project and with the current volatility of supply chains, we need help from an Acquisition and Supply Manager who can organize our own Supply Chain during these challenging times. However, Oxygen has been in short supply in many countries long before the Pandemic and people continue to die on a daily basis because they have no access to the respiratory equipment that we are developing. As our Acquisition and Supply Manager you will have the following impact on our organization:

Negotiate Quality Contracts, preventing delays and expensive recalls Ensure timely deliveries of all parts, further preventing delays Negotiate prices for parts, saving money that can be spent to help more people Simply said, you will be doing life-saving work.

Your Responsibilities

Establish and maintain a process for the negotiation and management of quality contracts with suppliers of safety-critical parts Identify parts that fulfill the design requirements negotiate order quantities and prices with suppliers establish a process for quality control of supplied parts Requirements

Basic engineering education that enables understanding of part requirements , e.g. electrical and pneumatic properties of parts. Mandarin skills and knowledge of Chinese culture will be of benefit Hindu skills and knowledge of Indian culture will be of benefit Experience with the creation and management of Bills of Materials (BOMs) At least 6 months of direct experience in Parts Acquisition and Supply Management basic awareness of manufacturing techniques such as injection moulding, etc.