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Major Incident Support Team Member

St John Taranaki MIST team

The Major Incident Support Team's purpose is to support St John in providing a world leading response to major incidents and large events.

The Major Incident Support Team requires non-clinical people to deploy and assist the wider Operations and Event Health Services teams at both planned and unplanned major events/incidents in times of crisis and high workload. This can range from concerts and festivals to unplanned large-scale events such as disaster response.

The role of the Major Incident Support Team (MIST) is to enable the deployment of purpose-built Command Units and other specialist major incident vehicles to support frontline ambulance personnel during major incidents or large planned events. This can include major sporting events, concerts and festivals, major accidents, through to natural disasters

This is not a role that deploys often, but there will be training on a fortnightly basis.

There are 4 major areas where you can be involved (but may not be required at each event):

Administration - Tracking patients, staff and vehicles - completing all the required paperwork Communications - Specialist communications within a Command Unit at an incident and between the incident and an Emergency Operations Centre or Ambulance Communications Centre. Welfare - Looking after Staff that are working - keeping them fed, watered and mentally well. Logistics - moving and setting up infrastructure. This can include moving vehicles, driving between sites, setting up tents.