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Practical type to build a duck wheelchair (yes really, lol)

Uninhibited Ducks

Are you someone who is practical, creative, likes to build things and solve problems? Someone who sees a practical problem and is immediately thinking about what you can make or build to solve it? Do you have a few hrs to spare to help an animal in need?
Or maybe you are a university student studying engineering or mechanical design or something like that who would like an interesting, emotional a d attention grabbing project to out on your cv? This opportunity is for someone who has the creativity and skills and patience to build something to help a disabled duck obtain some independence.

You would be designing and building one or more contraptions (for want of a better word) to help this duck stand, and move about. Also if you had any thoughts on better bedding and resting situations maybe those too if you were interested.

To get an idea of the disability you would be working with you could google “Lemon the Duck”. I was going to include a link but links are not allowed so just google lemon the duck or lemon the disabled duck and look for videos of a white ‘Pekin’ duck who had a book written about her and had a duck wheelchair. The duck you would be making a wheelchair for is in no way related to or associated with Lemon the duck but has a similar condition which is so far showing the same symptoms. So I would strongly advise you try and find some videos of Lemon and view those then applying you think you can help. If you can’t find any videos of Lemon the duck, apply anyway and I will send you the link via email.

The ducks name is Myelin (as in Myelin sheath if you have ever studied the nervous system). Myelin has been diagnosed by my vet as having a vestibular disjunction which means he or she (Myelin is still a little too young to know his or her gender) has some balance issues and is unable to stand up without support or even sit or lie still some of the time. Myelin nsomething to allow Myelin to stand up and maybe move about on flat ground.

While you can build and design this from home, you most likely need to be based in ChCh as I think it is going to be easier for you to design this if you can visit and see exactly how Myelins disability looks in real life for Myelin. However if you are outside ChCh and think you can do this remotely I am happy to work with you via google meet and sending photos, videos and measurements back and forth. You do need to be in NZ though so you can build and ship it from Nz, and so I Can organise purchase of materials.

This is a volunteer position, so is not paid, however any costs you incur and the materials you need to build this will be reimbursed to you (we need to agree on those before hand).

I have some basic tools that you could use on site here if you needed (drill, reciprocating saw, circular saw etc) and could possibly look into covering the cost hire of equipment if you needed it.

If you are a uni student and would be using this for part of your studies I am happy to give you a reference at the end of it either to an employer or to your lecturer etc for grading (and as an ex technical recruiter I have a pretty good understanding of how to give a good reference to an employer) so maybe I can help you into your dream paid job at the end of this.

What skills and experience do you need?

You tell me. This opportunity is open to anyone who has read the above brief and thinks they might be able to build something.

If you would like to apply please include the following info in your application:

Why you are applying (why the role appeals, what you hope to gain personally from this project) Where you are and if that is outside ChCh how you feel you can make this work remotely How much time you have to spend on this per week Whether if in ChCh you are happy to visit me (outskirts of ChCh) to meet and observe Myelin as part of your research into the design you will build What experience or interest you have that you feel would help you with this project.

What you might get out of this?

A chance to lead and run this project yourself A chance to use your own creativity and build something that you have designed Possibly a chance to be featured in national news media (I have had animals featured in national news before and if successful I think this could be something that they would be interested in covering, this would be good for you your own cv if you are looking to add this to your resume for your career An opportunity to make a real difference in the life of an innocent animal An opportunity to work with a disabled animal and maybe use that to reach out to disabled people if you have an interest in working in the area of disability and empowerment of those with disabilities. An opportunity to work with animals, if you are an animal lover who also has some practical hands on skills this could be a way for you to combine two interests and have a satisfying outcome where you can see what you built making a real difference.