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Volunteer Wellington
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Time is our currency. Our members swap skills and knowledge for credits. We trade these credits for services in our community. Our Timebank is a great place to meet people and get help with things you cannot do. You can also learn new skills and share your talents with people. We are after a few more steering committee members. The role of Steering Committee is to support the Coordinator/s. This is particularly important in cases where a decision should not fall on the shoulders of the Coordinator/s alone. We work to make robust decisions quickly as a team to ensure that the Coordinator/s remains supported in their role. We are aware of the vision, values and mission of the organisation and work to maintain these. As a team we take responsibility to provide high level guidance and direction of the timebank based on the visioning documents and member feedback. We are active members of the timebank and are visible to membership. We fill in the gaps when the Coordinator/s do not have the capacity to take on any aspects of any new or existing projects. This includes helping to facilitate events such as film fundraisers, hui, visioning meetings and festival attendance. These tasks tend to be self-nominated on a voluntary basis depending on which Steering Committee members have the time to commit. We employ and ensure appropriate training is provided to a co-ordinator. We also ensure that the timebank is financially sound and keep an ear to the ground about opportunities or issues within our sector. Bernadette has been chair for a few months now - because she does it so well! Sheali has offered to take minutes for the next few months also. We usually assign a time keeper each meeting too. We operate in a flexible way, often shifting these roles around - sharing the load, or for whomever is interested in doing them.