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Weekly Friday 8.00am to 11am Food Rescue Chiller Truck Driver

Kiwi Community Assistance
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Role and Responsibilities The food rescue squad makes sure that quality surplus food donated by retailers is collected and delivered to KCA so it can be distributed to those who need it the most. Our food rescue volunteers use the KCA vehicles to rescue food from our food donors on weekdays.

Applicants for driver roles must have a full car drivers licence and be 25+ to be covered by our vehicle insurance. Volunteers need their own transport to get to and from KCA's Grenada North Depot, as there is no public transport nearby.

A food rescue volunteer is responsible for the:

  1. timely collection of donated food from retailers at set times;
  2. safe handling, labelling and transportation of donated food items; and
  3. timely delivery of donated food to KCA.

Key tasks for a food rescue volunteer are:

  • Arrive at KCA on time to meet with other team members
  • Arrive at the food retailers on time and identify yourself as KCA volunteers by wearing a KCA hi-vis vest.
  • Practice good hand washing/sanitising at each site
  • Using empty banana boxes on site (as appropriate) commence quality assurance checks – food packaging, obvious spoilage beyond use, food items marked with a best before or use by date. Please leave behind all food past its Use By date. Food collected from some sites must have barcodes struck out or removed before it can be shipped out.
  • Take photo of food from donor, weigh and record weights on statistics tracking spreadsheet.
  • Collect the food and safely transport it to KCA in the chiller truck.
  • Deliver the food to KCA for storage by placing it in the chiller, freezer or our warehouse as appropriate. No food should be left in the vehicle.

Skills and Education Requirements

  • Basic level of spoken and written English and able to read English.
  • Clear and open communication, able to work unsupervised.
  • Physically fit and able to handle carrying loads of 10-20kgs.

Additional Note

  • Volunteers must have both email access AND mobile phone access for rostering and communications from KCA.