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Mentors wanted to inspire industry trainees


This is your chance to help a young person progress in the primary sector. We are an industry training organisation training the primary sector with over 24,000 trainees. Our learners are in the workplace on farms, food processing plants, orchards and other primary industry workplaces. Most qualifications have a practical and a theory component. Our learners complete the practical component on the job in their workplace. In their own time they complete the theory. Sometimes they struggle to do this. For a variety of reasons - English may not be their first language, they may have dyslexia or literacy challenges. They may struggle to organise and motivate themselves. This is where our mentors help - they provide an opportunity for one on one, time and place to work on their bookwork. Mentoring can be remote or face to face. Our mentors care about the success of others - that is the only requirement. There is no special industry or literacy skills - just a willingness to help. Our mentors come from all walks of life - retired people, industry experts, literacy experts, current employers, rural professionals and current trainees. Many of our learners tell us that without the support of their mentor, they would not have completed their apprenticeship and progressed their career.