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Volunteer GrandFriends for awesome Kiwi kids in the Nelson/Tasman area

GrandFriends by Surrogate Grandparents NZ Charitable Trust
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Help us to fight social isolation and loneliness.

This is a volunteer role that is like no other!

Becoming a GrandFriend isn’t just a role to enable you to give back to your community. There are benefits for you as well. You could be retired, adjusting to a life without work commitments. You may also be a person or a couple looking for a really rewarding purpose in life who has heaps of valuable experienced people skills. If you are - we need you.

We are urgently seeking Surrogate GrandFriends in the Nelson/Tasman area. Our Surrogate GrandFriends are in short supply even more so now during these tough Covid times. We have a waiting list of families in the your area who don’t have grandparents nearby and are feeling increasingly isolated as the Covid battle rages on.

Some of our families have moved to New Zealand from overseas leaving parents behind who are currently unable to enter New Zealand and they can’t go overseas to visit them. These families miss greatly the support that only a grandparent/s can provide. We’re looking for someone, like yourself, who cares and has the time to spare to fill this void and is also seeking companionship that only a family can provide. You’ll be as valuable as gold to our families. You may also be someone who has grandchildren overseas that you miss greatly. The uncertainty of when you will be able to give them a hug is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Because of this you’ll be able to empathise with our families on how challenging it can be.

GrandFriends was born out of the desire to address loneliness in New Zealand (even before Covid) and founder Jo Hayes, recognised then that this loneliness is as real for older people as it is for under-supported parents. The arrangement is incredibly beneficial. We match Surrogate GrandFriends with families to build loving support networks that benefit both.

Our matchmaking process does take time as we want to ensure that both Surrogate Grandparents and Families have the right “fit” for their needs. Once a match is made you get to feel a sense of purpose and belonging from the relationship and families gain loving, experienced support.

You are most welcome to apply as an individual - or with your partner (husband/wife). As a couple this is something that you can volunteer with together.

To apply go to and complete a registration form. We’ll then process your details and you will be on the way to become one of our valued Grandfriends.