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Andrea's Angels

Andrea’s Angels was formed from a need for urgent assistance to isolated properties in North Canterbury following the November 14th earthquake. While the immediate services were sent to Kaikoura township it became apparent there were people in similar if not worse situations through-out the wider area who also required support. - We focus on the ongoing delivery of supplies. - Delivery of essential repair equipment which are also being sourced from donators on a case by case basis as they are identified. - Humanitarian visits and safety checks by pilots as continued aftershocks cause further damage and distress -Facilitate emergency water repairs. In conjunction with engineers and water fitting suppliers there will be a bandage and repair process in order to restore supply for stock and domestic use as quickly as possible. The future goal of Andrea’s Angels is be able to support the communities in the recovery process. As the requirements for emergency relief dies down this will be replaced with the next phase which is to work with the communities to ensure they have on going support. This is the crucial time when stresses become apparent and the communities need help to focus on the positives. This phase will include continued assistance with repairs and planned social gatherings to rebuild relationships and happiness in communities.