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Daya Trust

Logo for Daya Trust

At Daya Trust we use education as an empowerment tool for women and girls around the globe. Through education, women and girls are able to become their own changemakers. We believe in opening doors for women and girls globally. We help them to access a wider vision for their lives, and encourage them to achieve what they hope and dream for. Daya Trust currently focuses our efforts across two areas: 1. Promoting the empowerment of women and girls Daya Trust uses our voice publically as one of the thousands of charities around the world promoting the value of empowering women and girls. Our goals are to inspire and educate those who hear us about the cause. We co-partner with other NGOs in India and New Zealand which we see as making our voices stronger and more impactful. 2. Building young women leaders We are developing the leadership potential of young women both in India and New Zealand by providing mentoring, support and training to enable them to expand their sense of self and what they can accomplish. As young women it can be hard to gain the experience needed to start on the leadership journey, and we know how easy it can be to underestimate our individual abilities. We work alongside these women to support them on their path.