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Logo for EVolocity

EVolocity’s Mission is to grow young people’s interest in science, technology and engineering and to show them that there are actions they can take and decisions they can make that will have a positive impact on climate change and our environment. We are a national charity, our programme is currently active in 8 regions throughout New Zealand: Auckland, Bay of Plenty/Rotorua, Waikato, Manawatu/Whanganui, Taranaki, Wellington, Nelson & Canterbury. Our secondary school programme helps to engage, provide some direction forward and retain youth in school and learning. EVolocity is an exciting platform which entices students with diverse interests to conceive of and design and build an electric vehicle. Teams are typically not just made up of students interested in science/technology/engineering. We know that students who are uncertain about their future path have found some direction from their involvement or regained an interest in school. Our tertiary and trade related partners are keen to engage with our participants offering education or work placement opportunities. EVolocity’s CEO Sarah Fitzgerald says, "EVolocity is more than a STEM Programme, we are developing future generations of engineers, technicians, technology innovators and entrepreneurs. New Zealand needs a highly skilled workforce to deliver sustainable infrastructure and clean transportation. EVolocity provides practical hands-on engineering learning as well as career pathways for young New Zealanders. Together with our partners and sponsors we are investing in our young people and in our country's future."