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About Kudoz

Kudoz is a platform that connects folks with and without disabilities, to share meaningful learning experiences based on delightful passions or skills! We believe that everyone is a lifelong learner, but we all need novel and exciting opportunities to continue growing and living purposeful lives! By harnessing the wealth of weird and wonderful passions that already exist out in the community, we use technology to help bridge people to splendid and wildly diverse taster experiences – which could be anything: from carpentry, to capoeira, to song-writing, to launching your own business! We want to spark a learning movement, to start bringing novelty and fortuity into the everyday!

For folks with disabilities (Kudoers), Kudoz is an exciting new way to access short, one-off experiential learning opportunities, to broaden horizons and engage in meaningful community involvement. For community members (Hosts), it is the easiest, most flexible, most enjoyable way to volunteer – it’s based entirely on your passions and you get to decide when, where and how often you want to host!

Kudoz is intentionally and continually co-designed, drawing from the social science of growth mindset theory, learned hopefulness, social cognitive career theory, social stigma theory, behaviour change, and positive psychology! We believe that learning happens when we have an experience AND reflect on that experience, so wrapped around the platform itself is a wonderful team dedicated to helping develop opportunity, capability and motivation for everyone that participates in Kudoz. We reciprocally reflect, celebrate victories, develop exciting new goals and aspirations, strategise to overcome challenges, and foster intentional use of the platform to support purposeful and flourishing lives!

Kudoz has been running in Canada since 2014, but now (with a small team of fellow kiwi volunteers) we're looking to start this up for the community here in Wellington! Get in touch to find out how you can help us bring Kudoz to New Zealand! Email for more info!


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