18 to 18 Jun 2017

Racing to raise funds for Bibles

Wellington All Day Volunteers Required

This year the ActiveBible team want to help bring the hope of the Bible to migrants and low income workers in the UAE who are battling feelings of hopelessness and despair due to being away from home. Many of them are also dealing with difficult working conditions.

Members of the team have registered for various events like the marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5km, recreational walks and kid's challenges.

They're training hard for this event and part of their motivation in joining is their desire to see the Bible transform people's lives.

Please help reach their goal by signing up to run, walk and fundraise with the team.

Email Cory at cgawe@biblesociety.org.nz or visit www.activebible.org.nz for more information.

More information is available at http://biblesociety.org.nz